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White Snake

2010-11-16 15:18:53 by HighBallers

Just bought a White Snake album. The greatest decision i ever made.

greatest band ever

2010-10-15 18:24:49 by HighBallers
Updated tPZM

three words


ok so i feel it is time

2010-09-25 04:04:08 by HighBallers

Its 3am and i have a class tomorrow morning and i feel that it is time to discuss my major influeces

1. The Black Mages
2. 80's hair metal
3. Piggilywiggilys
4. Marty Friedman

sup dewds

2010-05-14 16:53:26 by HighBallers

Man, where is the metal scene on this site? DID it die? If you're out there, come back and start melting faces again. Oh and get ready for more music coming soon. I got alot of riffage and more finger flying solo's coming at cha way.


sup brosphers

2010-05-06 02:49:24 by HighBallers

Thats guy dewds, this is an 80's hair metal band