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anyone looking for a singer

2016-03-05 14:26:00 by HighBallers

someone give me a track to put metal vocals over


2016-02-06 03:53:28 by HighBallers

im gonna come all you mother fuckers whats up.


2013-03-25 01:26:10 by HighBallers

im 3 years old today on newgrounds. WEEEWWW. well technically this profile is. However....i been on NG for nearly 9 years all together with my other profile, which i abandoned and betrayed.


2012-10-18 13:56:30 by HighBallers

anyone wanna do a collab?..... or need guitar work on a song? let me know. totally open minded to all types of styles.

watchout fellas

2012-01-30 23:33:28 by HighBallers

got some fatass dynamite strings on my ESP LTD guitar and got it tuned to drop B. Shit just hit the fan.


2011-08-29 16:18:06 by HighBallers

If anyone is bored and stumbled accross this page and soo happens want to learn some killer sweeps than HERE ya go!

You can hear this wedo-dedo right HURR /428388


sup bitches

2011-07-04 04:42:17 by HighBallers

still looking for dat 80's hair metal singer. Anyone wanna step-up?

oh yeah, this new LTD just rolled through, its about to get \m/

sup bitches

black cats

2010-12-29 05:09:34 by HighBallers

so, i would be cruising having a grand ol time listening to some nice tunes in my car. THEN all of a sudden i see a black figure cross the street. you know what it fucking is? ITS A FUCKING BLACK CAT. UUGGGH, i'm cursed!

oh no dood, its much worst than you think. I've seen like 5 black cats cross my path in like 3 months.....and its always the same way. I'll be driving, then bam! fucking black cat. its getting ridiculous. I've seriously been getting the wrost luck. EVER.

I've been arrested
I've got 2 trojans on my computer
I always some how fuck things up when ever i talk to a girl

UGGGH, fml

i swear to god, i will seriously fucking speed my fucking car up the next time i see a cat trying to cross the street. no joke. I WILL fucking kill

hey dude

2010-12-07 20:51:48 by HighBallers

just chillin

Some people are puss puss

2010-11-26 15:00:56 by HighBallers

yeah i said it. Some people are lame bitch ass puss puss on this site. Getting m-bot to delete messages is a bitch move. If you be a faggot and piss me off then you better fucking understand i'm gonna come back bro. Don't get all butthurt when i tell you whats up. You faggots know who i'm talking about.